PC clean up and optimization

If you want the best performance from your system then you need to clean and optimize your PC. And the best way to do that is through PC Activator. Regular and long term use of a PC leads to an immense accumulation of junk data that simply eats up disk space. Constant installs/uninstalls, pile up of junk and unnecessary data files, off and on registry errors, blue screen and PC freeze syndromes, applications errors and system crashes lead to PC slowdowns as well as other issues that can not only harm speed and performance but also compromise data security. PC Activator gets rid of all of these issues and ensures optimum performance at all times.

Privacy Risk Removal

Privacy and Internet security are big concerns today when we spend so much time online and work on the PC with all our data stored in it. PC Activator takes care of all the important files like cookies and tracking files that do not directly damage your computer, but that are often used as an entry point to violate your privacy and to provide information for malware and hackers to use against you. Cookies will be selectively removed and we will assure to leave the harmless ones to ensure your protection without issues.

Registry clean up and optimization

We all know how important the Windows Registry is for the PC. In order to ensure that the registry is always kept optimized PC Activator works round the clock to eliminate critical issues like system crashes triggered by windows issues and greatly reduces the errors that hamper performance. In order to ensure this performance it regularly flushes out shared/known programs, software locations, file associations, programs’ broken link and icons, com/active x, interfaces/types, uninstall entries, help links, resources problem, sound & fonts, and temporary registry among others. All of these cleaning tasks are done with a sharp eye on the speed and performance of the system.

Reduce Start up Time and Enhance Programs Performance

PC Activator expressly scan for errors and invalid keys known to extend programs and pc start-up loading time. By effectively tuning-up these sectors of errors it increase programs stability and reduce your waiting time for being able to use application on your desktop while everything loads.

Residual files deletion

Often TMP, BAK, OLD, and $$$ files get accumulated in the system and lead to software snags and performance issues. PC Activator does a thorough search from time to time to ferret out these residual files and remove them from the system. This way the hard disk remains free of junk and PC performance is easily enhanced.

Registry back up

PC Activator is one of those rare software programs which allow one to take Windows registry backup and restore normal PC functions fast in the event of emergencies. The PC is after all a machine and anything can go wrong in the system at one time or the other. In the event of any software issue like long boot time or emergencies like wrong registry files deletion, PC Activator makes it easy to go back to the last good known registry configuration.

Broken shortcut removal

When we use the PC for a long time several actions become invalid or obsolete after a point in time without us realizing it. These take up unnecessary space and slow down the system. The invalid short cuts are one of those junk space occupiers which need to be removed from time to time. We often use these short cuts to reach some files or folders easily, for a period of time. However, once we are done with the work we often remove the files without removing the shortcuts which sit there as dead ends leading nowhere. PC Activator regularly scans the system for such dead ends and removes all broken and invalid short-cuts.

Customized auto-scan

With PC Activator at the helm, keeping your PC optimized is child’s play. The software is programmed to run automatic system scans at regular intervals to detect registry errors and other system issues. One has the option of choosing a particular time of the scans, like at start-up, during hibernation or inactivity or any other pre-selected time which is convenient for the user.

Optimization report

The optimization report is one of the best features of PC Activator. The advanced software system regularly performs in-depth scanning to ensure that the PC is functioning at the best possible levels in all areas and then sends a detailed optimization report on the same. This includes all possible areas of PC enhancement, including updates on the registry clean up, removal of invalid short cuts, removal of privacy risks, removing non-essential programs from startup and overall emptying of disk space. Along with these, users are also updated on upcoming auto-scans, creation of back-ups and system restore points, and activation of the performance monitor as a part of the current optimization report.

Free disk space and memory

Good PC performance is largely dependent on memory and ample disk space. Constant PC use over time leads to the accumulation of unnecessary data and junk files that can clog the system big time. PC Activator is constantly on the prowl to free the PC of this unnecessary junk and remove all residual files, unnecessary /broken registry items, clean up the invalid entries, junk data and files, and remove all invalid shortcuts so that the system is free of clutter and has space for new programs. Optimizing space and memory also means a faster PC which can lead to smooth and efficient system performance, faster applications and overall an improved PC experience.

Availability of exclusion list

As we have seen before PC Activator regularly does a system scan and removes all unnecessary data from the system which includes registry entries for trusted sites and cookies with log in credentials. However, if the user wishes to hold on to certain specific files, cookies or registry entries, PC Activator makes sure that it is done. All one has to do is go to the settings options and specify the ones to be retained. These are simply excluded from the future scans and are therefore left untouched. In fact, once a scan is done and the report sent, one can browse through all the programs and delete the ones from startup that are not immediately required.

Performance monitor

PC Activator has a real time performance monitor which allows the user to see the performance issues on the computer right away. These include a number of issues ranging from accumulation of junk data and files, and privacy issues, to leftover registry entries clogging the system and slowing it down among others. The performance monitor acts as a screen for all potential errors and catches them in time. Users can keep track of these and when the level of errors seem to rise they can simply run a system scan by launching PC Activator, which will then remove these issues right away and free the system of unnecessary junk.


Advanced Features


  • Full Customizable Scan
  • Easy Backup and Restore
  • Instant flash cookie removal
  • Details optimization Reports

PC Activator provides you with the best technology to protect and optimize your PC with a set of powerful features that go far beyond any other program available on the market today.

System Requirements : Window 2000, Windows XP, Windows Nt ,Window Server 2003, Windows vista 32-bit, Windows vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bits, windows 2003 Server 64-bit,windows 7 32-bit , Windows 8

Improving your PC is as easy as 1,2,3

Improve your PC’s Performance

Step 1:

Click to download and install PC Activator

Step 2:

Scan your computer for a variety of common problems that slow it down and cause errors

Step 3:
Fix All

Click “Fix All” to have PC Activator take of all of the problems it has found.It is that Simple!

Certified Techninician

PC Activator is used by tech professionals around the world. It was designed by certified technicians who understand how to make a program that is both powerful and usable at the same time. The end result is PC Activator: the worlds most advanced computer optimization tool that is simple enough for anyone to use.

Did you know?

The optimization report provides valuable information gathered by PC enhancer on the current optimization level of your computer.

  • Number of registry itemes found
  • Number of cleaned registry itemes
  • Number of potential risk of privacy removed
  • Number of removing broken shortcuts
  • Amount of disk space that was released
  • if your settings have been optimized
  • If the performance monitor is enabled
  • If automatic scanning is installed
  • If a system restore point is created and the date of the most current version

Improving your PC is as easy as 1,2,3
Improve your PC’s Performance


Step 1: Download

Click to download and install PC Activator.


Step 2: Scan

Scan your computer for a variety of common problems that slow it down and cause errors.


Step 3: Fix All

Click “Fix All” to have PC Activator take of all of the problems it has found. It is that simple!

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The free diagnostic scan will help you identify items which can be cleaned up or optimized to improve your PC's performance and remove potential privacy risks.

Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.