Troubleshooting An IE Runtime Error


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Topic: Troubleshooting an IE Runtime Error
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Runtime errors are a type of software and/or hardware problem that can prevent many programs within Windows from correctly working.


This type of Windows error can cause users to lose information from open files, corrupt that same file into a non-working file or prevent the use of essential Windows features. Runtime errors, however, rarely cause Windows programs to completely stop working.


Runtime errors can occur in many different ways. Some may occur if users simultaneously run two programs that aren’t compatible. Other runtime errors occur when a computer has significant memory problems.


Runtime errors may also occur if the computer is infected by malicious software. The most common runtime errors, however, occur when users run Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s native web browser.


Runtime errors in Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is prone to several runtime errors, which can prevent the browser itself from correctly functioning when in use. The most common Internet Explorer runtime errors occur when a website uses certain HTML code that isn’t compatible with the native functionality of Internet Explorer.


Despite the common nature of IE runtime errors, there are several different ways to fix those errors, particularly since users may get a different IE message each time a particular error may occur. Here, we’re going to look at several different solutions to the common IE runtime error.


Troubleshooting the common runtime error in Internet Explorer


Many IE runtime errors appear when users attempt to access websites that provoke those same errors to appear. In many cases, Internet Explorer responds by preventing users from visiting the offending website, web download or other web-based application. Users who want Internet Explorer to stop blocking their web activities – due to a runtime error – should troubleshoot them.


Solution #1: Disable active scripts in Internet Explorer. 


This can be done by simply clicking the Tools menu and selecting Internet Options. From there, check or click the Advanced tab and select Disable Script Debugging – Internet Explorer and Disable Script Debugging – Other. After that, click the Display Script Error Notification box to disable the notifications.


Solution #2: Run a registry cleaner like CCleaner.


Sometimes, runtime errors happen due to issues within the system registry. In registry cleaner programs like CCleaner, there are options to select specific components of Internet Explorer to clean, including its Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and other associated data. Running a cleaning, in addition to cleaning the System Registry itself, can help ‘speed’ up Internet Explorer and Windows itself, preventing errors before they start.


Solution #3: Clean Windows using a malware/virus scanner.


Internet Explorer can potentially become prone to various malicious files and scripts distributed via the Internet. These malicious files and scripts can actually cause a runtime error when attempting to open web pages in IE. Thanks to this, it’s suggested to always run a malware and/or virus scanner to ensure the system always stays clean of malicious files.