Repair Windows Error By Following These Simple Steps


There comes a time when a pc becomes a hub of problems. After extensive use, Windows errors become a regular feature. With old computers, especially those that are not maintained regularly, you may have multiple Windows errors each time you start your pc. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that such a problem doesn’t become persistent for you. All that you have to do is repair Windows.

When you have plenty of errors and messages, you cannot possibly address each error code or problem one by one. You simply have to repair Windows in its entirety, which shall undo all the damage that has been done or fix all the issues that exist. There are various ways to repair Windows and which method would be the most effective for you will depend on the type of errors you have and what specific problems have caused those errors.

System Restore

System restore is one of the simplest exercises to repair Windows. All you have to do is go to your system properties and restore the settings to default. Alternatively, you can restart Windows and choose the option of last known good configuration. If you are certain of a particular date when your pc was working fine, you can choose such a date while restoring the system settings. While this is a simple method, you may lose many software applications and other changes that you may have brought about while using the pc. If such applications and changes are of importance to you then you cannot repair Windows using this method.

Registry Cleanup

Registry cleanup is imperative, irrespective of which method you use to repair Windows. The registry is bound to be filled with corrupt files if it has not been cleaned or maintained. You must cleanse your registry to ensure an error free Windows. You can manually cleanup your registry or use a software to do the job for you.

Repair Windows

There are various software that help you to repair Windows. Such software can be used to repair Windows and to fix all errors. Some of these applications will also allow you to take backup of all your files and folders to provide additional security, should there be a complication while repairing Windows.

Reinstalling Windows

If the aforementioned methods fail to repair Windows and make the system free of all errors then you should reinstall the operating system.