Installation Error Dangers


There are many types of installation error that you can experience while working with Windows. The first category of installation error would be those that you may face while installing the operating system. Typically, if your computer or laptop meets the system requirements of the particular Windows operating system you have chosen, then all possible installation error messages can be averted by following the instructions provided by Microsoft.

The only reasons why you may come across some types of installation error while loading the operating system are if you do not use the CD or DVD, use a wrong DVD or source, do not create the necessary partition or choose some wrong options while installing the operating system.

The second category of installation error deals with all problems that you may face while adding or removing programs to and from your personal computer. These programs may be requisite software or any type of hardware, some applications or even games and other peripherals or support scripts. When you come across any installation error while adding or removing any program, the problem is owing to one of these three reasons – (a) the source of the installation or un-installation is corrupt or inadequate, (b) there is a problem with the registry on your system and (c) the Windows Installer service is corrupt or malfunctioning.

There are several installation error dangers if you are unable to add or remove a program owing to any of these three problems. First, you would be unable to install or uninstall the program successfully. Thus, you would be unable to use the program or fail to get rid of it from your system respectively. Second, your pc is in serious danger if the registry or the Windows Installer service is not working properly.

A corrupt or infected registry can lead to poor performance of the pc. You would experience system crashes, blue screens and erratic freezes. Your pc may get damaged severely. The hardware and the operating system can be irreparably damaged eventually if you do not fix the registry errors.

If you have a problem with the Windows Installer service owing to which you are getting the installer error, then you would be unable to add or remove any program in the future. You have to fix this to continue using your pc in its best state. Besides, such an installation error has the potential to damage system files and registry files, if left unchecked and unfixed.