How To Fix Windows Installer Error 1706


Error 1706 is a common problem of Windows. It is not a very complicated problem but the consequences can be very severe. Error 1706 can be caused due to missing registry keys. If there are any system files or registry files that are corrupt, incomplete or have been infected by viruses then you would get an error 1706.

The consequences of error 1706 are plenty. You would initially be unable to add or remove any program. Whether it is some new software application or hardware, you wouldn’t be able to install them successfully. If you wish to remove or uninstall some programs that are already running on your system then you would fail to remove them completely. The executing files do not work when you have an error 1706. Consequently, you would have a slow pc. The boot speeds, responsiveness and processing power of the pc would be affected. Eventually, you may experience blue screens and system freezes. Your computer may crash at times which will impact further damage on your system. If error 1706 is not fixed, you may have a crashed pc which will then need professional intervention to be repaired or to be fixed.

The simplest way to fix Windows Installer error 1706 is to clean up the registry. You can manually clean up all the registry files that are unnecessary or corrupt. However, you wouldn’t be able to repair the important registry files that are damaged. To do so, you would need an advanced software application or repair tool which can identify the important registry files and salvage them. There is no dearth of such software today and you can easily get hold of one that would get the job done.

You should also consider reinstalling or reregistering your Windows Installer service. It is a utility that comes integrated with Windows operating system. When you unregister and register your Windows Installer service, it undoes the damage that has been caused to system files and registry files.

At times, fixing registry files or salvaging system files is beyond the scope of possibility. It may so happen that the files are corrupt to an extent that software or any such tools cannot repair them. In such cases, you wouldn’t be able to fix Windows Installer error 1706, unless you reinstall the operating system. This should be the last step and you should take a backup of all your data and files before formatting your system.