Fix Windows Installer Error 1721 – Resolve Error Code 1721 From PC!


Error 1721 is a problem that pops up when you attempt to use the Windows installer. You would typically come across the Windows installer error 1721 when you try to add or remove any program using the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel of Microsoft Windows XP. In other words, if you are trying to install or uninstall a certain program, hardware or software, you may face error 1721.

The Windows installer error 1721 typically implies that there is some problem with the installation or un-installation process due to some missing files or some issues with the application. Microsoft defines error 1721 as ‘there is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run.’

If you have a Windows installer error 1721 on your system then you wouldn’t be able to add or remove, install or uninstall one, some or many programs. The programs may include software, hardware and various other types of applications, whether directly associated with the operating system or for some other functional purposes.

There are two ways to fix the Windows installer error 1721 problem. You can either reregister the Windows Installer service or you can run the System File Checker feature.

Windows Installer service is a product of Microsoft. It is an application in the XP operating system that assists with installing and uninstalling of various programs. Typically, you would have already registered your Windows Installer service on your system but for some reason, it may become corrupted. When this service malfunctions, the easiest way out is to unregister and then reregister the Windows Installer service. This would conveniently and surely fix error 1721.

The other way you can fix error 1721 is by using the System File Checker. This is again a utility provided by Microsoft in its operating systems wherein the system files are verified for their version, compatibility and their integrity. It may so happen that some or many system files get corrupted over time. Incorrect file versions, incomplete or corrupt files may hinder proper installing or uninstalling of many programs. Running the System File Checker utility will help you to know which files are corrupt. The system files that are corrupt or incompatible, infected or malfunctioning, would be fixed automatically and you shall get the proper system files in place. This shall facilitate the installation or un-installation of the program you wish to add or remove.