Dealing With A Runtime Error In Java


The runtime error in Java is one of the most common and recurrent problems that you are likely to face while playing games or running any application that requires Java. Among the thousands of applications and innumerable software as well as games that require Java, almost all are prone to a runtime error if there is a problem in execution of the codes and the scripts of Java that is installed in a system.

Before you attempt to deal with a runtime error in Java, you must note that it is a typical problem and not something that you have to get too worked up about. A runtime error can occur at any time and on any system, irrespective of any other problem that may or may not exist. A runtime error is no indication of a larger problem in your system or in Java that is installed in your system.

A runtime error occurs when Java is unable to execute any of its scripts, codes or is overloaded with too many applications demanding its execution. If there is a problem executing its scripts or codes then the game, application or software running on Java would get stuck or would shut down. If Java is overloaded and it cannot support a new application or software then the new task you are attempting may not even start.

Dealing with a runtime error in Java is very simple. You also do not have to be a programmer or coder and delve into the Java Runtime Environment or JRE to fix the problem. There are three simple ways you can go about resolving the problem.

First, you can go to the taskbar where you would notice the Java icon to be present. You can right click on this icon and choose the shut down option. What happens is when Java is overloaded or too many applications are trying to seek its support, Java stops responding to every demand. By shutting down, you are just enabling Java to shed the entire load and get restarted.

Second, you can go to your task manager and shut down the applications or programs that are in need of Java. Doing this will also facilitate resolving the runtime error. If you have five applications or programs and one of them is the most important then you can shut down the rest from your task manager.

Third, you can shut down your system and restart it to resolve the runtime error. This will not be required if one of the first two options are successful.