Can’t Send Mail Due To DBX File Corruption In Outlook Express


Outlook Express is an email application provided by Microsoft which is integrated in the Windows operating systems. Outlook Express is designed to work in conjunction with the Internet Explorer but as a standalone utility. While Outlook Express is a popular email application that is used widely due to its convenience and simplicity, there are some problems that you may face while using it.

One of the most common problems is when you have a corrupted Outlook. In Outlook Express, emails are sent and received and stored in distinct folders. These folders have files in the DBX format and they are saved in the C drive or the system memory of the computer. When these files get corrupt or become inaccessible, you have a corrupted Outlook.

When DFX file corruption happens, all your emails and the various folders may become inaccessible. You wouldn’t be able to retrieve any emails. At times, it is only the Sent folder that becomes the casualty of a corrupted Outlook while in many cases, all folders get corrupted. There is no evidence to suggest that one folder is more prone to DBX file corruption than other folders. When one folder becomes corrupt and inaccessible, chances are high that all other folders would get affected over time. It is best to address the problem of the corrupted Outlook and fix it as soon as possible.

Before you can fix a corrupted Outlook, you have to know if the problem has been caused b DBX file corruption. There are many other factors that can lead to similar problems. Virus infection, missing system files or inaccessible extensions can also lead to a corrupted outlook. The only way you can figure out if your corrupted Outlook is owing to DBX file corruption is to see if you can access any of your files, mails or the contents in now unavailable folders. At times, some files may be inaccessible but the folders may still be available. In such cases, the problem is not due to DBX file corruption.

There are three ways you can start receiving and sending mail again if you have a corrupted Outlook due to DBX file corruption. You can rename the folders (inbox, sent and drafts) with other names. This will segregate the folders and the files. With this, you wouldn’t be able to access your older mails but you will be able to start receiving and sending mails again. Alternatively, you can reset your entire account and start afresh by setting up your account on Outlook Express. The third solution is to use a software application that can fix the files which are inaccessible and repair them, thus making them available once again.