An Introductory Guide To A Blue Screen Error Code


A blue screen is a common problem on many operating systems. It is particularly associated with computers or laptops that run on Windows. The blue screen error is also known as the blue screen of death. It has been common on computers running Linux and OS/2, Windows XP and several other gadgets like gaming consoles that run on any of these operating systems. Windows 7 and later versions of operating systems from Microsoft are also prone to a blue screen error code. The only difference is that the error is displayed in black screens or red screens, depending on the version of the operating system, instead of the conventional blue screen.

A blue screen error code is typically a situation where in the operating system has encountered a major problem which couldn’t be addressed or resolved. When the system experiences such a problem, which is regarded as a fatal error, it shows the blue screen following which you have to shut down or restart your system. There is no other way to tackle or go about a blue screen error code other than to force a restart. In some systems, the computer may crash on its own and shut down without any human intervention. In most cases however, you ought to restart the system or shut it down manually.

A blue screen error code is not necessarily alarming if it has just occurred once. While booting or running any type of application, there can be any problem in the hardware, drivers or any chipset of the computer that may lead to a blue screen error code. It is only when the blue screen appears again and again that you must take note of it and look for a solution.

There are many ways to troubleshoot a blue screen. First, you have to know the reason why you are getting the blue screen. You can easily do this by noting down the error code that is displayed on the blue screen. There are hundreds of different types of blue screen errors. You need to note this error code and check out what this code implies. Once you know what the specific problem is, you should look for relevant solutions. There is no standard troubleshooting strategy for all blue screen errors. You have to approach every blue screen error in accordance with what the error code implies.